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points points points ... Verstappen matches overtkae Lauda/mansell

Portugal. Sunday Oct 26.


Max Verstapopen's win on Sunday took him pass three drivers to move into position 25 ... just one win away from the top of the mid field. 

The win saw him dislodge Ferrari's Jody Scheckter from position 25 ... within sight of Brazilian World Champion Emerson Fittipaldi ... cuyrretly in 24th.took him to His surprise win at the 70th Anniversay GP at Silverstone on August 9 pushed him SUPRISE WIN 


24. Emerson Fittipaldi

10.285 rpw / 2.048 ppr

Along with Jochen Rindt (10.000 rpw / 2.000 ppr, the Brazilian World Champion represents the top of the mid field with 14 wins from his 144 starts. One more win for Max by his 125th start see him split Rindt and Fittipaldi. 


25. Max Verstappen

11.400 rpw / 2.815 ppr

Verstappen's point scoring rate is phenomenal. His peers on this side of the ledger are drivers like Nike Lauda, Nigel Mansel and Fernando Alonso. What he lacks against those greats wins. Lots of wins.  


26. Jody Scheckter

11.200 rpw / 2.366 ppr

Ferrari World Champion Jody Scheckter started only 112 races for his 10 wins but scored 2.366 points per race ... punching well above his weight among his peers just outside the top 20 Formula One drivers. 


28. Gilles Villeneuve

11.166 rpw / 1.686 ppr

Small Title


30. Carlos Reutermann

12.166 rpw / 2.219 ppr

Small Title